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Wrapping up Gut Instinct and Too Much Information

Posted Nov 14 2009 10:00pm
A reader recently commented on my post "Too Much Information", "So...what's the outcome? Can't help but wonder.By the way, I really enjoy your writing! Thanks for sharing your story."

First of all, I always appreciate when someone enjoys my writings and the stories I have to tell. While I obviously think they have some entertaining lessons to teach it's nice to hear others do as well.

The patient in this story, who at 36 weeks had a cord around the baby's neck incidentally picked up on ultrasound, went into L&D four days before her due date with her water broken and actively contracting. After manually reducing this pesky nuchal cord that gave me so much heartburn, I delivered a vigorous baby boy as healthy as any baby I've ever delivered.

On another note I thought I'd offer an update on "Gut Instinct". This was an elderly woman who I admitted with intractable nausea and vomiting. The residents on service were content to tank her up with fluids and send her home, but I made them order a CT scan which revealed a cholangiocarcinoma. While I think the patient had accepted her diagnosis and fate almost immediately, her daughter did not do as well. She struggled with the diagnosis and decline, but palliative therapy was all there was to offer. She past away about two months after I met her in the hospital.

The only other update is my daughter continues to improve from her pneumonia. She's already resumed playing hide and seek with her sister.

The Country Doctor
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