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Worst Defense of the Year

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:10pm

I read this article in USA Today last night about a recent raid on a polygamist compound.  Authorities removed 401 children after allegations of abuse surfaced.  The mothers were allowed to leave with their children. 

For some reason, the article tried to find someone who would criticize this government action.  ""What the government is doing is totally outrageous," said Bonnie Macri, executive director of the activist group JEDI (Justice, Economic Dignity and Independence) Women in Utah." 

Before I even looked, I said to myself this "JEDI" group is probably some joke organization with a website and a few people.  I think it's even worse, as their has website expired and I could find no real information on the group.

Why does the press have to try to present a "balanced" view on every article and interview naysayers?  In some cases, there aren't two legitimate sides to an issue, as in this case.  The leaders of these polygamist cults are sick freaks, pure and simple.

The allegations of abuse came from a 16-year-old girl who was married to a 50-year old man.  Gee, that's normal.  The only thing "outrageous" about this raid is that the government should have done something sooner.  Throw the leaders in a psych ward or jail, it doesn't matter.  But at least give these children a chance at a normal life - outside of an isolated, brainwashed community.      

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