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Posted Apr 29 2009 10:49pm
There are some words I just love. In french class it was the word travailler. It just sounds so cool rolling off the tongue. In this job there are also words I just think are great.

Epistaxis- how cool is that? It sounds so severe and dramatic when really it's not so much.

Hemoptysis- coughing up blood. Sounds way cooler to say my patient has hemoptysis rather than he's coughing up blood.

Emesis-So much more civilized sounding than upchuck, puke, spew or any other variation.

Anasarca- Generalized massive edema. In other words "He all swoled up"

Babinski's sign- plantar reflex named after some french dood with an awesome name that I just like to say.

OK thats the short list. I know you guys have to have some words that just make you smile. What are they? Add to my list.
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