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Woman Passed Away After Drinking Too Much Water On Meal Replacement Diet

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:18pm

News has today been announced of a woman who passed away after consuming four litres of water in less than two hours, while the company responsible for manufacturing the meal replacement regime she was undergoing, have denied their product played a part in her death.

The woman in question was named to be Jacqueline Henson, aged 40. The company, LighterLife have deemed her death to be a “tragic accident” and confirmed that she was informed of the correct amount of water she should drink in conjunction with the product.

Mrs Henson was thought to weigh approximately 14st when she began the diet. It was reported that she fainted on the bathroom floor at her home in Almondbury, Huddersfield last year following her excessive consumption of the water.

The cause of the death was determined to be cerebral oedema - swelling of the brain.

The mother of five passed away after being on the diet for only three weeks, Huddersfield Coroner’s Court reported.

The inquest took place yesterday where a verdict of accidental death was recorded. Coroner Roger Whittaker confirmed the woman had received the proper guidance on the amount of water she should be drinking.

He also reported that it was unsafe for anyone to consume that much water at once.

A spokesman for LighterLife said, “We were so sorry to hear about Jacqueline and extend our sympathies to her family.

“Our programme gives clear guidance that water should be consumed regularly over the course of the day, and the coroner confirmed that the events were a tragic accident.”

The diet is designed for people have three or more stone to lose and works by participants eating no more than 500 calories a day for three months by using meal replacement products in conjunction with drinking water. A normal calorie allowance for a woman is in the region of 2,000.

Mrs Henson was happy after dropping the pounds in the first three weeks of the diet, the inquest heard. The diet consisted of a snack bar for breakfast with a liquid lunch and dinner.

The coroner heard that Mrs Henson started to consume two large bottles of water from a pint glass while she was watching television on the 14th November.

She then started talking about feeling like her stomach was solid before vomiting later on. She went upstairs to toilet after complaining of having a headache, where she collapsed.

The inquest heard that attempts by paramedics to resuscitate Mrs Henson were unsuccessful and she passed away the next day.

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