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Will Water Cure my Dry Flaky Scalp?

Posted Dec 08 2012 1:01am

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Miss Monet muses…I have dry scalp. My hair had alot of dry flakes and alot from  leave in conditioner applied everyday for 2 weeks. I sprayed my hair with a spray bottle of water and my dry scalp was gone. Also I sprayed my hair with water and it was so soft because of build up of leave in conditioner… After I wash my hair is it possible to for me use just water to get my scalp clean and my hands to remove flakes? Also can I just leave conditioner in my hair and reactive it with water? It make so much sense because most products contains water and just spraying water to the product reactivates it so I can skip applying and save product and money.

The Right Brain responds:

Spraying your hair and scalp with water certainly won’t get rid of dandruff flakes. Depending on what kind of leave in conditioner you’re using, though, the water could be rehydrating the dried residue from the product. As a short-term solution this is fine since the additional water will distribute the conditioner through your hair and temporarily refresh your style. However, it’s not advisable to leave product residue on your scalp for long periods of time. This could even be contributing to scalp itching which might make your dandruff worse.

If dry scalp/dandruff really is the cause of the flaking try one of the over-the-counter drug dandruff shampoos that contain an active ingredient like salicylic acid,  zinc pyrithione, coal tar, or selenium sulfide. To save money buy the cheapest dandruff shampoo you can find as long as it contains one of these approved drug ingredients.

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