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Will Summer Heat Ruin my Makeup?

Posted Dec 03 2012 1:01am

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Jokohhl says…I am on a 3 month vacation escaping the hot Australian summer. My make up is stored in the living room of my apartment, close to the front door. Today was 40 degrees Celsius there and more hot days are due to come. I’m worried for my foundations, lipsticks and other liquid based make up. Will they melt or turn bad by the time i’m back from my vacation?

The Right Brain replies:

*Sigh* I wish we had to worry about summer heat right now. It will be snowing here pretty soon! But for those of you who are  ”down under” this is a very timely question.

Alchemist has posted a great answer to this question in our forum: “Most products will survive this sort of heat for the short periods of time that we’ll get that high here. Lipsticks generally have a much higher melting point than that (between 50 to 70 deg C), If you think about it, if it was lower than 40 deg C it would melt off your lips. The big players will often test the stability of the products up to 50 deg C for a short period of time as this will represent the conditions the products may be exposed to in a shipping container on it’s way to Australia. Most of the distribution warehouses will also be un-air conditioned too, so if the product is in good shape when it gets to you it will survive the summer.”

As usual, we agree with Alchemist’s comments. We used to do a “disaster check” by testing products for a month at 54C. (130 degrees F!) We’d test for much longer at 45C.

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