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Will Follicleanse Shampoo Clean My Scalp Better?

Posted May 09 2012 2:01am

Post image for Will Follicleanse Shampoo Clean My Scalp Better?

Technochocolate asks…I’ve recently been interested in a shampoo called Follicleanse. It claims to thoroughly cleanse dry scalp and lift more oil than other shampoos. I don’t have dandruff, but I always have had some flaking off the scalp. The supposed active ingredients are Zinc PCA, fenugreek, panthenol, sage, and thyme. Will this make a significant difference in the health of my scalp or hair? I don’t want to spend $13 for my shampoo, but I will if it really works! Right now I’m using Tresemme, but I have used Head & Shoulders, Suave, Garnier Fructise, Pantene, and others with the same effect. I just never seem to get all the dead skin off my head. I’ve been trying to find something that will just get my scalp really clean. 

The Right Brain responds:

All shampoos will “lift oil” so I really doubt that Follicleanse could do this any better. Even though you don’t have dandruff, you may see some improvement from a dry scalp shampoo that uses dandruff drug ingredients. I’d try one of those before spending a lot of money on this product. (It looks like you’ve already tried Head & Shoulders but you might also try a brand that uses a different active ingredient like Neutrogena’s TGel.)

Zinc PCA is a good skin moisturizer but it won’t really have any benefit if you use it in a shampoo and rinse it off. Panthenol can have some benefit if used at high levels. Fenugreek, sage and thyme can have some antimicrobial properties in concentrated oil form. Again, no benefit at low levels in a rinse off product.

There were also a couple of comments in our Forum that might be helpful: LindyGirl “This will sound weird but have you tried exfoliating your scalp? You take 2 teaspoons of plain white sugar and mix in some of your regular conditioner, enough to make a scrub. Use this to scrub your scalp in the shower. It definitely DOES remove flakes and dead skin. This won’t do a thing for fungal causes of dandruff but it will remove the dead skin from the scalp.”

And Georgia said “Another option is a medicated shampoo with 3% salicylic acid.”

It looks like you have several options to try before you have to resign yourself to spending $13 on a bottle of Follicleanse shampoo. Write back and let us know if you find a solution!

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