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Why You Should Avoid The Temptation Of Drug Coupons

Posted Dec 10 2012 6:32pm

As the cost of prescription drugs soar, more patients are turning to online coupons or discount cards from drug companies or promotional offers in magazines. In the past year, it is estimated that 19 million Americans whom took prescription drugs used such incentives to save money. The healthcare industry has witnessed a five-fold increase since 2009, with 395 medications today offering a promotional savings program.

In most cases, drug coupons can expose patients to potentially higher long-term costs, increase health spending, and mainly exist to protect the profits of drug companies.

For example, let’s take a look at patients with high cholesterol. I normally prescribe the generic statin drug simvastatin, which has a monthly co-pay of about $10 in most commercial insurance plans. But I’m finding more patients specifically requesting Lipitor, Pfizer’s brand name statin, because of a web coupon which discounts co-pays to $4.


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