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Why would my salivary glands suddenly swell up?

Posted by julieb

I noticed a lump in my left salivary gland on Monday.  By Thursday, I was noticing slight swelling in my face and glands.  By Friday it was worse so I went to my GP.  He tested for mumps and did an infection test. My white count was normal.  By Sat. the swelling was worse and included the glands under my chin so I looked like I had a big double chin.  By this time, I looked like I had gained 20 pounds in my face.  I went to another doctor in Urgent care and he prescribed prednisone for the swelling.  I began taking it as I figured it would help my asthma also which began acting up.  I have increased my use of my inhalers as my asthma doctor has told me to do when I start having problems breathing.  My swelling as decreased some probably due the prednisone.  However, today, Wednesday, it seems some of the swelling has increased in the salivary glands under my ears.  I also am having extremely dry mouth. 

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Have you been checked for sjorgens?
I was checked for Sjogrens  What I finally found out I had was a rare autoimmune disease called Churgs Strauss Syndrome.  My rheumatologist diagnosed it.  Once I had a diagnosis, I could receive treatment.  I am now on Immuran twice a day.  All my symptoms are gone; I feel great-it even has helped my asthma so much i have been able to eliminate some of my asthma medications.  
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