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Why TENA Incontinence Products Differ from Others?

Posted Mar 15 2010 4:59am

Here at All About Incontinence we only work with the best incontinence products manufacturers. As many of you already know TENA is UK’s number 1 bladder weakness and incontinence expert and we are proud to be an authorised dealer for TENA’s incontinence products range .

What makes TENA special? In this article we will bring you the answer for this question and more about the UK’s leading incontinence products manufacturer.

The reason for such a great success lies on continuous and comprehensive understanding of incontinence patients needs. TENA is always hearing what women and healthcare patients have to say on how to evolve and improve their incontinence products to meet the changing needs in terms of security, comfort and discretion.

Odour Control™ means guaranteed freshness Close

The distinctive smell from urine comes from the bacteria which produce ammonia to create an acrid odour that cannot simply be masked by perfume. TENA’s Odour Control™ is designed to reduce the growth of bacteria eliminating odours for freshness and confidence.

The Range to fit your body and your lifestyle

Different people have different needs, TENA developed a range of products of various shapes, sizes and absorbency levels to suit all kinds of activities and body shapes for comfort and confidence in any situation.

Micro technology allows for ultra discretion

For years scientists have been making just about everything smaller. It’s amazing what you can pack into a small package, just think of your mobile phone.

The same is true of TENA: thousands of micro absorbents give a far greater absorption and retention capacity relative to the size of the product. TENA’s smaller incontinence products are just 3mm thick and yet have the capacity to absorb as much as an espresso cup full of liquid whilst staying invisible even under tight fitting clothes.

TENA products are designed to manage the specific properties of urine – so they are generally two sizes smaller than the equivalent absorbency level of sanitary towel, making them the more discreet and effective choice every time.

Faster absorption means nothing escapes

Urine is thin and fast flowing and can leak on to clothes in an instant without the right kind of protection. TENA products are engineered with high-speed surface inlets for rapid absorption to avoid the risk of leakage.

Got questions about TENA’s incontinence products range or any other question about incontinence? Don’t hesitate to ask them on our comments section and one of our incontinence experts will answer them as soon as possible.

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