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Why Talking To Yourself Leads To A Happier And Better Adjusted You

Posted Jun 18 2010 1:14pm

While the old saying is “if you are talking to yourself then you are going crazy”, there are times when talking to ourselves does in fact lead to a happier and better adjusted person.

There is nothing more powerful than words; they can bring hurt and anger or joy and pleasure. By using a system called “affirmations” you can change your outlook on life in general and yourself, affirmations are simply statements you make to yourself throughout the day which lead to a desired situation.

Over a period of time the subconscious takes note of what you are saying and it sinks in, so in order for it to work and have the desired effect you have to convince yourself and have the desire to make them come true.

An easy example of how this works could be imagining you are running a marathon for charity, you are getting tired, you ache, and you feel like giving up. As you run instead of thinking how tired you are and how much you ache replace these thoughts with “I can do it”, “I am almost there” or “I am doing this for others”. Simply by changing your thoughts to more positive ones you will find that you get a new spurt of energy, you no longer feel as tired or ache as much. You now have a new strength and more positive outlook to getting there.

This is just one simple example of how you can turn a situation around and make the most of the situation. Of course this could be adapted for anything you encounter in life, whenever you are faced with a struggle.

Short affirmations seem to work better than repeating longer sentences, repeating them and believing in what you are saying is essential. If you continually repeat something to yourself without really having conviction in what you are saying it will not bring the same effect.

Another important factor is to not look into the future with your affirmations, keep them in the present. For example say “I am” and not “I will”. Positivity is also the key; keep your affirmations on a positive note, after all you want to encourage positivity not negativity. The wording you choose for your affirmation should bring about a positive picture in your mind.

Changing the way you think of course will take time, don’t think just because you repeat an affirmation for 5 or 10 minutes you are going to see big changes in your outlook on life. It will take time to get your brain adjusted to this new more positive way of thinking and acting. The biggest factor is having faith that it will work and investing the time into affirming. Affirmations work faster in some situations than in others and even if you have been practicing affirmations for a long time you will occasionally come across some situations which are harder to get on top of than others. Stick with it and ignore any doubts that creep in and you will eventually see big changes in your life and attitude towards it.

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