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Why is it so Hard to Find Good Anti-aging Products?

Posted Feb 12 2013 1:01am

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Ktward’s question…Near as I can tell AHA and Retinol are still the anti-wrinkle standards. However, I’m seeing a lot of talk about peptides. And don’t get me wrong, I love love love Diane Keaton, but I don’t see any legit lit on whatever is the topical calcium she’s peddling. Should I also be incorporating some kind of peptide thing into my daily regimen? (Copper peptide looked promising, but Neutrogena has since discontinued that line so I guess it proved to be a dud – ?) I need some BB input; as a former marketing/advertising professional, I’m altogether predisposed to ignoring the stuff peddled on TeeVee, I need a science-based fix.

The Beauty Brains response: 

It sounds like you’re using the “creme de la creme” (pun intended) already. And as I mentioned in the Forum, I assume you’re also using sunscreen.

First and foremost: If you want to prevent the signs of aging the best thing you can do is use sunscreen religiously . If you’re looking to reduce physical changes that have already happened to your skin your options are limited.

After AHAs and Retinol, the choices are much more sketchy. As you know there are a ton of ingredients that make magical anti-aging claims yet have no science to back them up. While there are ingredients with some science to back them up the testing too often consists of in vitro studies that may or may not correlate to real life. Plus, the products using these ingredients are typically expensive so the barrier to trial is high. PLUS you have to use an anti-aging product a long time before you see effects (and even then unless you’ve done a “half-face” test on yourself how can you tell that your skin has really improved.) So, for all these reasons it’s really difficult to find a good anti-aging product.

Having said all that there are a couple of ingredients that look a little more promising than others:

  • You already mentioned peptides, you could look for products containing acetylhexapeptide-8 which may be capable of reducing wrinkles associated with facial muscles.
  • Rhamnose may have the ability to increase collagen.

Sorry we couldn’t be more definitive but good luck! Let us know if you find anything you like.

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