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Why I take High Dose Vitamin C

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:01pm

I have been a proponent for sometime of the benefits of taking lots of Vitamin C.  I now take close to 10 grams per day of Jigsaw Health's Sustained Release Vitamin C, and am gradually increasing it.  There are tons of studies I can point to that show it has a tremendous impact preventing and even reversing a number of chronic illnesses. There are some studies you see talked about in the press saying Vitamin C does not do much but ALL of those studies were done using very low doses of C.  Like doing a study on birth control pills, giving the women 1 pill per month and then saying "See, birth control pills doesn't work."

C is also the most versatile anti-oxidant you can take.  But these studies are not why I am taking C.  The real reason I take lots of Vitamin C and believe everyone else should too, is because I believe our bodies were designed to make Vitamin C but lost that ability through a disaster to our DNA.  Virtually all mammals make their own C and they make a lot of it.  Up to 3 times more when they are under stress.  It takes 4 different enzymes in mammals to turn glucose into Vitamin C.  Humans all have 3 of the 4 enzymes needed to do the same thing.  But we lost the ability to make the 4th enzyme. And we DO have a non-working gene in our DNA for that 4th enzyme! 

This is a disaster!  Think about it.  If the body could turn excess sugar into Vitamin C instead of only turning it into FAT, no one would be fat.  No one, would likely have diabetes.  Excess sugar and fat impacts virtually all the disease processes.  AND now we no longer have all the wonderful protective, preventive properties of Vitamin C.

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I also believe we were Intelligently Designed by a Creator.  But I also believe in evolution!  No, NOT the kind of evolution that says we all got here by chance.  That is called Macro evolution.  I don't believe in that at all.  Not even close.  But I do recognize that mutations to our DNA absolutely do happen.  The problem is that those mutations are 99.99% of the time damaging to our DNA and to us.  They don't add information to our DNA, they delete information.  Dr. Sanford from Cornell U wrote a book called Genetic Entropy that does a great job of proving that.  I have my own theory of when, where and how this happened to us but suffice it to say that somewhere early on, this gene mutated and all of us lost the ability to make Vitamin C.

That is why I take lots of Vitamin C.  And if you read a bit you will also find lots of scientific reasons to take high dose Vitamin C as well.  This book is a GREAT one to start with.  Or go here to read what Jigsaw says about it.

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