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Why I no longer recommend Dr. Shoemaker - Updated

Posted Sep 22 2009 7:33pm
Update: I am not retracting anything I say below, in fact I could amplify but won't. But there could be a few reasons to still go see Dr. Shoemaker. First, if you need a doctor to help you get disability he could be very helpful at doing this. Second, if you need an expert witness in litigation of a mold case you likely could not find a better advocate than Dr. Shoemaker. I recently read a 47 page letter to an opposing lawyer written by Shoemaker and it is a brilliant piece of work. and will help you understand your own illness better. Third, if you do go see him you will have a much better appreciation of your illness and understanding of your physiology. Now it is possible to do much/most of this on your own, but it is not easy. And you need to go into it understanding that you may well end up primarily as his lab rat but you will learn a lot in the process. But a lot of it you can act on on your own. Also, you should read his book "The Mold Warriors". Though now outdated and poorly organized, you will have a MUCH better understanding of your illness. ______________________________ I wish it were not true but I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer recommend people go to see Dr. Shoemaker. I still believe that he is totally brilliant. I believe he has unraveled much of the mystery surrounding Fatigue illness. I still believe he ought to win a Nobel Prize someday. There is a whole lot more to this story that I will not write about here. And Shoemaker would definitely have a different side to tell. He is welcome to comment if he wants to. In...
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