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Why have I had a sore throat off and on for about a month?

Posted by vanishx1

(I'm 22 female) About 4 weeks ago, I had a severe case of Strep thraot which led to a fever of over 101, vomiting all night every 45 min - hr, and the worst sore throat I've ever had (and I've had mono before). I missed a whole week of work... When It first started, it was 6/10 on pain scale so i went to urgent care (sat) and they said viral... that night was the night I puked all night followed by a terrible sore throat  11/10 on pain scale... I coudlnt swallow anything...Monday, I called my doc and he sent a Zpac which I finished...the next week, it made me constipated more or less...anyway... a week or so after the sore throat went away, i was already back and work and felt great.... got another sore throat..mild, mostly on the left side... green postnasal drip..

Went to doc...strep test was negative but he gave me antibiotics anyway (not a zpac)... i finished them... sore throat never got bad and it went away...  I missed some work...

 less than a week later and my throat is hurting only on the left side... I have postnasal drip but I dont think tis green like last time... It feels scratchy. If I cough, sometimes stuff comes up but I don't cough very often... It's difficult to swallow sorta... And it has been going steady for a few days not getting worse or better.

 I havent gone to the doc yet bc he said last time that if it didtn clear up that id need my tonsils out but im too old for that and I've read and heard that it's aweful! My friend said shed rather go through natural childbirth than go through it again (and she has 2 kids!)... what could it be..... I've also had stomach irregularities off and on which are getting better now..but I haven't been eating right bc of these sore throats.

I've lost 10 pounds bc of it :(..and all 3 times, ive had swollen tonsils and tender throat (not as bad this time)..also the guy I've been dating since i got sick hasn't gotten sick from kissing me so I guess it's not contageous!

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