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Why Does Your Back Hurt?

Posted Aug 04 2009 5:35pm

Some say...'s poor posture. Standing, sitting with less than ideal alignment creates too much stress on your back.'s tight, inflexible muscles. Your hip flexors or rotators (including the popular piriformis) are too tight to allow you stand up correctly and move properly or they press on nerves making you hurt.'s weak muscles. Your core muscles  - trunk and abdominal - cannot hold your spine in place as you move through the day leading to too much stress and strain.'s muscles that are too loose and too flexible. You lack adequate support for your spine leading to stress and strain.'s your joints. Deteriorated and weak, they transfer too much force to ligaments and tendons and bone.'s your disc. Degenerated or herniated, the disc presses against nerve creating pain in your back, butt or leg.'s your bone. You broke some part of your spine from a fall or other injury.'s your tendons. You played too much, worked too hard or too long and ended up with tendonosis of the spine.'s trigger points. Localized spots of tender knots in your muscles cause pain in the muscle and refer it elsewhere.'s fascia that is too tight. The web of fibrous tissue woven in between and around muscles and other tissues has contorted and is pulling excessively on pain sensitive structures.'s your mind. Anxious, worried, angry, lonely, sad, depressed are some of the emotions that your mind finds outlets for in the form of lower back pain. do too much. Too much exercise or activity on weak or injured tissue hurts the tissues of your spine. don't do enough. Sitting too much, not walking enough stress the spine beyond its' limits.'s not your back. It's your prostate (men) or endometriosis (women) or kidneys or pancreas or stomach ulcer or infection or aneurysm among other things.'s inflammation. Overload and / or overuse has caused tissues in your spine to become inflamed and inflamed anything hurts.'s a disease. Ankylosing Spondylitis, Schuermann's, Crohn's are diseases that can cause spine pain.'re old. You're supposed to have back pain when you get older, some believe.'re obese. People who weigh too much, create too much stress on their spine and hurt as a result. smoke. Smoking damages the blood vessels of the disc leading to pain.'s how you lift, bend or stoop. Bending over frequently, lifting heavy objects incorrectly stresses your back to the point of pain. bend and twist too much. The combination of forces created by bending and twisting at the same time wreak havoc on the weaker spots of your disc and ligaments. wear the wrong shoes. Heels too high, not enough arch support, too much arch support, too soft, too hard, create biomechanical headaches for your back. slept "wrong". A bed that is too hard, too soft or sleeping in an unusual position can overly stress your spine.

And, the pain can stem from any combination of the above. Is it any wonder why so many people hurt so much for so long? A simple mismatch of cause with treatment and the pain goes on and on and on.

Pain is a vital sign - like you're temperature or pulse or blood pressure. When something is off, when your pulse is racing or blood pressure is sky high, it requires investigation. The same is true for your back. Chase understanding your pain before you chase the pain away.


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