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Why does the front right section of my right foot get numb and very painful when walking?

Posted by Michelle Green

I am 52 years old and healthy. I am overweight but not obese (5'3" and 150 lbs). I do not smoke or drink.  I get an annual physical and do not have diabetes, have good cholesterol, and feel great. I have no problems with my left foot.  I have done a lot of treadmill walking for years but can no longer walk on it. The area around my last three toes on my right foot will suddenly become numb and then very quickly it becomes extremely painful. My doctor thought it had to do with my back and told me to twist my back to the right while bringing my knee up and to the left. That helps sometimes.  However, the odd thing is that it only happens when I wear enclosed shoes. I cannot wear tennis/walking shoes for more than 5 minutes or so without pain. I cannot even make it in the grocery store with enclosed shoes on. However, I can walk miles in flipflops without any problem.  I have replaced my treadmill with an exercycle because I can pedal in my flipflops (which I know are supposedly not good for my feet but at least I am pain free). I have also tried buying extra wide shoes, etc. with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?
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