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Why are Indian doctors so good ?

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:13am

Indian doctors are often world leaders, and I think there are multiple reasons for this.

Most US doctors have a very rigid mind-set. They feel the world ends at the US borders. They have a "not-invented-here" mentality, because they feel that the US is the world leader; and that anything which originates from outside is inferior or not as good. Most US doctors will only trust what other US doctors say - and will often disregard the opinion of doctors in other countries, because they feel they are the best. I can understand this attitude, which is a hangover of the post World War 2 days when the US was the world leader in health care services and medical research. However, this attitude is obsolete in this day and age.

Indian doctors, on the other hand, are forced to be flexible right from their medical school days. All the medical text books are in English and in earlier days, all the standard medical text books were published in the US and the UK. Because they were not written for Indian conditions, Indian patients or Indian diseases, Indian doctors were forced to modify what they read and apply it to their own patients, so they did not become dogmatic ; and learned to trust their clinical senses.

Also, since we studied from both US authors and UK authors ( who often said diametrically opposite things), we developed a flexible world view, and learned to factor in the fact that there can be multiple opinions in medicine - all of which could be correct, depending upon the clinical circumstances.

Since India was ( and is !) a developing country, we often had limited access to lab tests and high technology imaging machines. This meant we had to depend upon our clinical acumen, which we polished to a high degree. Since India has such a dense population, there was never a shortage of patients to learn from !

Indian patients will often follow traditional Indian medical treatments ( such as ayurveda) while taking treatment - so that we learned to accept alternative medical systems - and to incorporate their good points when practising holistic medicine.

Finally, Indian doctors benefit from having a good bedside manner, because Indian religions
( such as Hinduism and Buddhism) preach respect for others and a belief in karma, which inculcate an attitude of kindness and service.

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