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Why am I getting sharp stabbing pains in back middle of left hand?

Posted by Lisa

The stabbing pain is like a jolt, very quick, and only lasts for a second.  It is followed by a chill that runs up my left arm and into my neck, shoulder and chest.  Sometimes the pain is worse than others and will settle into my elbow joint like a dull ache. My left hand sometimes feels weak, like I am going to drop what I am holding, or like I can't keep my grip on an object.  I dont know if this is related, but I have been feeling very tired.  I notice I am winded by the simplest tasks.  I have a sense of irregular heart beats, or rapid heart rate even when I am at rest.  It varies is degrees of intensity, but on more than one occasion, I felt slightly dizzy and out of breath like I needed to sit down.  I just don't feel myself and it's beginning to affect my daily life.
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