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Why am I falling apart at 24 years old?

Posted by MESterner

I've been to let's see... 4 different doctors now? All they've got for me is funky bloodwork results that are borderline too high, high enough to be "positive" but not high enough for them to be especially worried apparently. I feel like they're all throwing medication at me because they just don't know what to do. In the meantime, I'm tired to the point where some days my muscles feel like I've run a marathon. I can't even shower because when I try to hold my arms over my head to shampoo my hair, they just shake and shake like I've been working super hard the day before, except I went on medical leave from my job back in February and wasn't able to go back, so I haven't done anything to over-exert my muscles. I clean house, I walk the dog, I go to the grocery store, easy stuff that keeps me "active". I'm achey all the time. Plus I'm so hot... if I was in control of the thermostat, I'd keep it set at 62. I don't wear a jacket until it gets below 40. I come inside and I feel comfortable, but then I wash my hands in hot water and they hurt like when you warm your hands up too quickly, so apparently I'm colder than I can feel? My body temperature is normal according to a thermometer.
Let's see, what else:
headaches, muscles aches, joint aches everywhere but worst in my feet, muscles spasms all over but especially in my legs, excessively tired, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, excessively hot, swelling in feet, slightly positive lupus bloodtest, positive preliminary test that checks for rhemutoid arthritis- I don't remember what that one was called but the more complex test was negative, negative lymes test. 

Right now, they're treating me for migraines, depression/anxiety, and lymes disease. I'd just like to feel normal again...  

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