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Who Wants Six Pack Abs?

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:54pm


ho wants an abdomen that looks like you could strum it like a washboard? Like Matthew McConaughey or Madonna?

A lot of people.

But, Matt and Madonna get paid to look like that; it’s a full time gig for them.

You don’t get paid and it's not your job.

And, to get your abs to peak through your fat means that you have very little fat on your body. For men, it’s around 10% and for women around 12% fat. Fatlevels

That low level of fat for women is right at the amount they must have to process certain vitamins and hormones – their essential body fat - and for men, 10% is very close to the absolute minimum.

To live at this low level of fat, your life must be built around it. Your diet, your exercise, everything. It’s a job and it’s risky.

If you want six pack abs, quit your day job, and be prepared to risk your health. A wiser choice - shoot for "acceptable". You'll feel better, look great, and be healthier.


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