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white/pink lesion on tonsillar pillar

Posted by tonsilprob

Hi!  I have been seen by 4 doctors (including an oral surgeon) and am waiting to see an ENT for a white/pink tonsillar lesion that is attached to the posterior of my left tonsil.  Each doctor has told me that this lesion needs to be biopsied.  I have approx 3 months before I can see an ENT and I have been told that the lesion must be surgically removed before it can be biopsied.  I also have had intermittent, horrible ear pain on the same side of the lesion (and the right side now) but my doctor tells me that my ear drums are fine.  I have felt like I have had the flu for about a year now and can't seem to kick it.  Should I push harder for the ENT people to see me or am I just being a hypochondriac?

Thank you.

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