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Where Can I Find Real Blood Scented Perfume?

Posted Oct 30 2012 2:01am

Post image for Where Can I Find Real Blood Scented Perfume?

Rozy says…There was this big thing over an Italian perfumer(s) who made a perfume that smelled like blood but really if you look on the website it says its “inspired” by it. There was also that rumor about lady gaga making a blood and semen scented perfume but again “inspired” by blood not actually smelling like blood. Seriously this smell has a niche market, it would sell. Can’t even find a blood scented perfume in goth stores.

The Right Brain replies:

My professional technical opinion is… Yuck! However, since tomorrow is Halloween I thought you would enjoy seeing the discussion this question prompted in our forum.

Ally pointed out that blood doesn’t smell to me like anything tbh. Lady Gaga perfume smells like most of those designer perfumes (dior, chanel…) – headache inducing. While Rozy responded that even if it’s not popular with the masses if you sold it for goth punk and metal subcultures it would be a big hit! Blood does have a smell and taste its coppery and metallic, a bit sweet from the glucose. Definitely has its own unique scent. If you have ever been to a butcher shop you know. Mammal blood smells wonderful. Not trying to be creepy or anything just saying it would be something I would really want to buy.

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