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When your sick with a cold

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:36pm
or bronchitis or a sinus infection or any other junk that involves boogies and/or is a real pain!

Yes, I am whining....I am in that whining mood. I have bronchitis and when you have SS it seems to be a bit worse. Everything is dry to begin with and when you get a cold it is an automatic that it will turn into a sinus infection or bronchitis.

On a good note I finally have a family doctor. I know that I should have one, but when you see so many specialists and work for a hospital that provides free care for minor illnesses...who needs one?

ME! No one wants to touch me with all my problems as far as the LPN I can see for colds and stuff for free at the hospital. And the specialists don't want to be bothered with the small stuff.

I liked my family doctor. She seems real and easy to talk to. She was ordinary looking and was about my size.....which is not perfect. LOL

Amazingly, she seemed to know a bit about Sjogrens.

Yes, I have a family doctor! Woo-hoo!

Sorry for the rambling...I'll blame the robotussin with codine.
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