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When words are not enough

Posted Oct 15 2010 12:00am
I promise not to make this a long post.  Had a great day today as I managed to do a couple of hours at work, run some errands and after a rather long nap.  I got ready to pop down to the local brownies and girl guides to give a talk about my journey and organ donation.  There were around 10 girls and they were so receptive.  Sometimes words are not enough and its important to meet someone who can bring the story alive.  I tried to do the three minute recommended talk(some American approach) which didn't really work as I wanted them to feel free to ask questions or make comments at any time and also they shared some of their experiences of illness and benevolence which I thought was lovely.  It was really informal and free flowing.  I showed them some pics of my transplant journey, I took my medicine bag and shared a few organ donation facts but not too many to overwhelm them.  I felt really pleased that I went and I am so thankful for my friend Gill for helping to organise it with me and the other lovely leaders of the girl guides.  It was so warm and welcoming.  I even got a lovely signed card from each of the girls and a pressie!  So sweet!  Hope they will get their badge for the work they did this evening as they wrote up a little booklet about it and had some snaps taken for their folders!

My angina has been driving me crazy this week because I have been unsure whether to be concerned or not.  Seems I was right to be alarmed but it was mainly because I had some problems with my pain relief which is what triggered my awareness of the pain.  It hasn't been pleasant and slowed down some of what  wanted to do this week but never mind.

I am easing myself back into routine slowly but surely and I think I've done ok.  I'm recognising when I'm reaching near saturation so I can withdraw and take immediate rest.  Its hard because I like to do as much as I think I can.

Housework has taken a bit of a back seat this week which is not good.  Its just so tiring and exhausts me.  I did a bit yesterday but with my angina pains its like torture really.  Increasing my iron has helped loads for me to feel energised but I am still having sudden episodes of extreme lethargy where I need to lie down and sleep.  Thinking logically, my body works so so hard all the time, its no wonder it needs a rest after a given time.  I eat well and I am careful with my fluid restriction.  I exercise to my optimum ability so I think I've done all I can and I just have to respect what I have and give it the rest it requires.

Photography class was really good this week but I realised how much gets covered in a one week session and the problems encountered if away.  I don't feel that I really captured the instructed homework exercise so this week I am gonna have another bash at it.  We were meant to look at depth of field, an important concept to master especially as I am interested in portraiture.  Its all in my head but I failed to translate it onto paper because I thought we had to use manual settings when in fact we only had to use the aperture setting (adjusting the amount of light coming into the lens) and the camera would figure out the shutter speed.  This would have helped me to produce much stronger images.  So, double whammy homework for me this week!  Great :-)  Its enjoyable though so I don't mind.

Better dishdash as I have a LLTGL advocate weekender.  It will be nice to meet with the team, many of which I haven't seen for a year now so hoping to catch up, learn lots and have fun essentially.  I will see how I get on as to whether I last the whole weekend.  I will need some time out and there's lots for me to do next week.  I'm sure I can catch up on any happenings through a telephone call or some kind of notes.

Tonight I am thinking of how important it is to speak about my journey, to see it as a tool in some ways to give others a little food for thought.  Detaching myself from it and looking at it in this way is difficult but will perhaps help me to actively talk about organ donation and transplantation more matter of fact?!?  Hmm...
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