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When Should Blog Posts Expire?

Posted Aug 18 2013 10:03pm

I’ve been thinking more about the nature of blog posts.  Naturally, the longer a blog exist then the more total posts there will be in the archives.  But at some point, don’t these old posts lose value?  And shouldn’t they be discarded at some point?

I wrote about this concept earlier this year based on the book, “ Delete “.  I’ve searched for plug-ins that would delete unpopular posts, but it doesn’t seem like any exist.

I even found this, “ephemeral blogging platform”, called Phmral .  The idea is that you write a post and then it disappears after 7 days.

All this came to a head recently when the company TweetBackup went under.  Some people were upset that their tweets wouldn’t be stored forever.  But really?  Do tweets need to be saved?  It seems the whole point of Twitter is to have real-time conversations, and not rely on old content.

So what is the optimal expiration date for a blog post?  One guess is that a month is long enough.

Some might argue that saving any and all blog posts could somehow help a new reader down the line at some point.  And this may be true.  But it also may be beneficial for the blogger to clean house occasionally and delete some posts.

As a test, I’ve set this post to expire in one month.

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