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When communication has completely broken down in the health service

Posted Jan 21 2010 10:06pm

 Kiwi ingenuity the community care team use meat hooks to hang their I.V fluids/A.Bs from, a real number 8 fencing wire moment. After 3 days of 8 hourly amoxycillan and 24 hourly gent, its a wait and see if the infection is gone. I thought t.he meat thook was halarious

A post I wrote here on the great job the Urgent Care Home team have been doing with my home care and the difficulties with the Dr at Christchurch Hospital and how I was hung up on after being told arrange I.V treatment at home. I started this post yesterday and gave up when fi came over to hang. Well firstly a patient cant do that and secondly my poor G.P was left playing phone tag between agencies trying to arrange it when all the registrar had to do was fax my G.P some orders for home I.V care. Now they will take my case whenever I.Vs are needed, Im impressed with their care and treatment, they treat me like a human being. Im more relaxed.

Home care is the obvious answer to my issues. Going into Hospital to that ward has always been an issue since my ex surgeon screwed up, I compare it to having to visit your rapist in prison every six weeks, it produces the same fear, the same bullshit you go through in a Court Case where the victim of the crime has their credibilty crushed while the perp lies through their teeth as in this case with health and Disability.

Except in this case the perp is free to practice medicine which means me being an inpatient has to face them on a regular basis.
When I realised my ex surgeon had either not noted down her methods for the Illus (mechanical bowel obstruction on C.T) and her treatment of thus imagined illus of making the patient eat to clear it, or they had ommitted such notes to A.C.C and H.D.C, I realised that the system was more corrupt than I imagined.

My latest dilema has been about being possibly kept in the dark. When I compare a relatives care and how they are told everything including notes being sent to their home, they are fully informed of their condition even though they dont want to hear it and have voiced this. Well I want to know what my body is doing.

I want to know so I can make some changes in my life, prepare and be proactive.
However I have continually faced a failure of disclosure since my treatment injury.
I am treated like an imbecile, or someone who will freak out, when I am not that person. This is my body, my future.

I saw a lab report which revealed that since last September my renal function is possibly decreasing. This doesn't shock me or freak me out as I knew this may be the outcome after my Neobladder surgery, I just thought it may be in the distant future or hopefully not at all.

Creatinine started at   74, (19 sept 09)   78,   79,    86,     88   (19 jan10)        
limit for female (45-90)  

G.F.R                            81, ( 19 sept 09)   77*,  75*,  68*,  66* (19 jan 10)

Based on this and the fact there were granular casts in my urine back in December which can indicate renal damage,  (no I hadn't been working out which can alter this, I was lying in a Hospital bed) however no one has followed this up, nor informed me.

You would think that the Glomerular Filtration Rate which has asterix highlighting its decline by lab staff, would I dunno alert the Doctors involved. Before the latest results there are three distinct changes, now four. The creatinine is consistently going up and the G.F.R down, no deviations, if these results were all over the place I could see why they would ignore it, but it isnt.

Another vague reason in which creatinine can climb in people with Urinary Diversion is the creatinine reabsorbtion. Again this doesn't appear to be the case or the results would also be inconsistent.

With the urinalysis showing casts also weeks ago, you have to wonder what is going on. I haven't been bouncing back from infections like in the past, I know my body has been telling me things aren't the same. My potassium also has been trending down, but I didn't have this tested the other day to know what it is now. I suffer from symptomatic reflux frequently and the infections, is that what could cause this damage?

I have to question are they again ignoring results like in the past because 'oops' I have been a past victim of abuse/domestic violence? Or is it because I'm standing up against the system and trying to change their small minds and treatment of women who have been in similar situations such as mine.

Or maybe they just don't want to inform me of any changes and wait and see until things may get bad enough. Personally I would like to know what is going on, I want to make plans, prepare or be proactive. I just want to know the truth. Based on the results above and G.F R calculators it would put me at Stage 2 C.K.D chronic kidney disease, what would that make this condition in another four months if this trend continues, if this trend continues does this mean by the end of the year I would face dialysis?
I know if I bring this up to them that they usually do their best to discredit me, so I have no idea on what to do, sit back and wait for them to inform me, or face excuses and bullshit and being fobbed off. I am awaiting a tentative second opinion, What would you do?

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