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Whats wrong with me? I'm not getting any staight answers from Dr's

Posted by annB

I have been abnormally exhausted for five month now, I am also experiencing extreme weakness, headaches, nausa, pins and needles, extremely cold hands and feet, toes go blue, aches and pains all over my body, sore throat from time to time, raised right gland time to time, stomach pains like a gripping pain, twitching in legs and arms, blurred vision, temor in right hand, heaviness in neck and head, unable to walk at any distance without legs shaking.  Pain in lower back and on the sole of right foot.  I get confused very easy easily, unable to remember thing done yesterday but can from years ago, unable to concentrate, foggy brain.  Also from time to time I get the most painful dental pain, all my teeth feel so painful I cry with it, I can not chew, brush teeth, drink hot or cold drinks.  Pain behind my eye and don't light bright lights or nagging background noise.  Please help, my Dr seem very hostile to the terms CFS/ME and is offering no support except signing me off work.
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