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What would be the cause of a burning sensation in my legs?

Posted by atlantajane

Occasionally my legs get a tingling like sensation that burns. I can't think of anything that would be causing this because everytime it occurs the circumstances are different. For example one of the times  when it happened I was walking home and the more I walked the more they burned and tingled it wasn't extremely painful but more discomforting and unusual being that this was very new to me. Then this morning I was just in my bed and my upper left leg and my left butt (lol :) ) were experiencing the same feeling. It feels like when you get frostbite in your hands and when they are warming up that kind of burning feeling you get. Well like I said I don't know what the cause of this could be. I am 21 years old my weight is 118 lbs I eat like the average person and I live a pretty average life. 
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