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What To Expect Walking Into Your First Pilates Class

Posted Oct 19 2010 11:21am

We all get nervous when it comes to firsts. First time we enter a public school building, the first time we visit a dentist, or the first time we kiss. Are you nervous thinking about your first Pilates class? Are you wondering what to wear, what the workouts will be like, and if the instructor will be “hands on”? Questions about a new experience are normal, we all experience the unknown and want to know before we venture into a new experience what to expect before the new event begins. This article is a brief idea of what you might encounter during your first Pilates class.

The class itself may take place in a community room, fitness center, or exercise studio. The room may hold various fitness equipment or mats. The class may include others who are attending for the first time; seasoned Pilate’s students or you may be having a private training session. No matter what you situation will be you can count on your Pilates instructor to be very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

If you like to workout on your own mat, you will certainly be able to bring yours to the class. Pilate’s mats are sold online, in stores and are a little thicker than a standard yoga mat. Bring a water bottle with you.

When deciding what to wear, consider the fact that you will need to be able to stretch and move comfortably as you do the Pilates exercises. Your Pilates instructor will also need to see your body as you move to be able to gage how your muscles and bones are lining up as you move, so do not wear baggy clothing. You do not need to be picky about the shoes you wear as typically Pilates is done barefoot. If you love to shop you may be able to find entire lines of Pilates clothing in your area

Do not wear long necklaces, belts, or jewelry that dangles because these things cannot only be distracting but dangerous if caught in exercise equipment. If you have long hair, tie it back and keep it off of your face. It is important to not wear strong perfumes or scented deodorants due to the sensitive nature of many individuals that may be included in your class.

Pilate’s exercises are either done by mat workout or by using a minimum of special equipment such as Pilate’s apparatus (fitness contraptions). The equipment may include a reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, bars, straps, even pulleys. You will learn basic fundamental movements on a mat. Your instructor can adjust these movements to your particular fitness level. You will soon be comfortable with these mat exercises and start to feel muscular strength and even a certain level of confidence that you too can do Pilates.

If it is offered choose to pay as you go for a class or two before signing up for a full session. This will give you a chance to test the waters, so to speak.

To get a jump on things, it may be helpful to read up on Pilates before your first class, especially the terms that an instructor may use just so you won’t feel like he/she is speaking a foreign language.

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