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what to do if biten by a spider?

Posted by mia28

my friend woke up one morning and found she had been two spider bites on her back, then the next morning she woke up with three or four more on her right hand.  she immediately cleaned every spot of her bedroom and found a very small web near her window.  we live in chicago, il and we are near the end of october, so i don't know what kind of spider could have biten her.  i do know that they are red and swollen, one of the bites on her hand developed a little bubble and i think it's filled with puss, and the two on her lower back look about an inch big and look like they have bulls eyes.  it's been about four days later, but recently she noticed she gets chills or has a rapid pulse.  is this something she should get checked out by a physician or will a visit to a local pharmacist be suffice?
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