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What result if gopher purge latex gets in a person's eyes?

Posted by Melissa

Yesterday my boyfriend was cleaning his yard.  Including pulling up gopher purge bare handed getting the latex "juice" on his hands.  His face was hot & sweaty so, without thinking, he vigorously rubbed his eyes, thus getting the purge latex in them.  Within the hour I saw him in ER, waiting.  His eyes were RED!!!  he said they burned badly, but didn't seem to impair his vision.  Then he saw his eye doc. who said he had "burned off all the protective layers of his eyes."  And that he could only wait calmly in a dark place, out of the sun, for 3 days while flushing his eyes contiuously with regular eye relief drops and dry eye drops.  The drops seem to blurr his vision.  It wasn't blurred until he used the drops.    I looked in my herbal books, but nothing on gopher plant.  None of the local docs seem to know a thing specifically about this plant.  Does anyone know the long term effects or possible damage of gopher purge and humans? Thank you.
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