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What is this abdominal swelling?

Posted by azr122

have been experiencing a regular occurance of lower abdominal swelling with a hard lump area above old hernia repair area.  three doctors including a surgeon had said its not a hernia.  two MRI's and ultra sounds have revealed nothing more than it is some sort of fluid build up.  disappears when cortizone is injected for about three to four weeks.  then flairs up again.  Can you please list other suggestions to have my doctors look for?  First doctor is a general physician, second was a surgeon, and third was a pain management doctor?

The swelling also disipates when heat is applied or when a "Flectar" patch is applied.  Have been in physical therapy for this condition for two months now and no results.  have  kept a diary of diet, bowel movements, exercise, and there appear to be no consistent reoccuring things.

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