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What is the procedure to remove a giant lipoma located in the abdomen? What is the approx recovery time?

Posted by Behnam

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Depending upon the size of any skin lesion, your family physician may be able to remove it in his/her office with local anesthesia.  In other words, s/he numbs up the surrounding area, typically w/lidocaine injections, and then excises it (cuts it out).  Again, depending upon the depth of the lesion, s/he may need to put in some deep stitches that will dissolve over time (weeks to months), and then some superficial stitches that may (or may not) need to be removed with several days to then be replaced by strong medical adhesive tape.  We usually want to remove the superficial stitches as quickly as possible to minimize scarring but we leave the tape in place to allow the wound to continue to gain strength.  Again, depending upon the size of the lesion, it may take up to several weeks to recover.  Time to heal also depends upon where the lesion is/was located.  If it's in an area of active movement, it'll take longer since it's always being manipulated.  But I would think that an abdominal wound should heal relativelyy quicker since it's not like you'd need to bend it all the time under tension.  Sorry for all the "it depends" but as you can see, there are quite a number of variables to consider.  If your family physician isn't comfortable with removing the lesion due to size or affected body part, eg face, s/he might refer you to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  In the end, for the most definitive answer, it's best to pose your question to the physician who you're trusting to remove the lesion.  Hope this helps!
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