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What is the best treatment for bone marrow edema in the foot?

Posted by Chris159

My left leg was crushed in auto accident in July 2009 and left foot was also cut up.

I suffered severe soft tissue damage and partially tore my calcaneofibular ligament.  Since the accident my achilles tendon does not have full range of motion and is still somewhat swollen.  I also had burning in both feet beginning on December 8th, 2009 immediately following a reflexology treatment.  The burning sensation was felt only when pressure was applied such as while walking etc..  The burning lasted one month until January 9, 2010 and since then has largely resolved. 

Two days ago 1/13/10 I had a second MRI because I still have pain and it revealed bone marrow edema in foot.  What is the best way to treat this condition?  Rest, elevation, moist heat, icing, physical therapy etc.?  I will do whatever is necessaary for however long it takes to get my feet back.  Both feet are involved.   

Please HELP as it has been almost six months since my accident.


Thank You in advance!!!

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my mri i had said i have bone marrow edema of the right foot ive been dealling with real bad pain in the right foor sence july i had no injury prior no idea how this happen the only thing i do is work 40 plus hours a week on my feet for 8 hours every day i work as a phamasist clerk and the pain has got so bad they pulled me off work so i will do anything it takes to get my foot better so i can go back to work so for im doing physical therapy 3 times a week and today was my 8th time of therapy and then i soak my foot 2 times a day everyday in hot water with epsin salt for 4min and then i do it in very cold water for 1 minute i alternate 4 times and then i rest my foot if you have any ideas please pass it on i also been reading up on this on the internet for any ideas i need to get this fixed and fast so i can go back to work thanks for listening.
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