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What is going on with Chronic Conditions?

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:14pm

I was reading a UPI article entitled " Tallying up the chronic-illness tab." I found the article amazing. This stood out:

"It's frightening to see how chronic conditions are increasing in incidence," said Dr. Alan Cohen, adjunct assistant professor of pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. "The (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta) reports the burden of chronic disease is overwhelming, accounting for seven of every 10 deaths."

What is going on in our world that is the cause of this? We supposedly have the best vaccine program in the world. We supposedly have the best medical care in the world. We are supposedly the best fed people in the world. We have the best sanitation programs in the world. Why are so many trends going in the wrong direction, especially for our children???

I have been researching health issues for the last 20 years as a result of my own chronic challenges. Without citing all the research, I would like to offer the following reasons as possibilities to carefully consider. (For documented info you can read about each of these in my book, WELLNESS PIECE BY PIECE. You can also get a free download, no registration required sneak peek here.)

1. There are MANY things going on at the same time causing our health to be negatively effected. It is almost NEVER one thing!

2. Our typical diets are filled with processed foods, chemicals, additives and known toxic chemicals which affect us dramatically. This often will cause an underlying genetic predisposition to be turned on, causing serious illness.

3. Specifically, the major overuse of the additives MSG, Aspartame, Splenda, etc. in virtually all processed foods. These are both VERY nasty substances that the food industry claims are safe, but research shows otherwise. The ones I named are all neurotoxic and damaging to the body in many ways.

4. A high carbohydrate diet focused especially on sugar and grains is a major cause of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Insulin levels run rampant is a hormonal nightmare wreaking havoc in the body.

5. Mercury (and to a lesser degree other heavy metals) that we are exposed to regularly through dental amalgams (aka. "silver fillings"), vaccines, the environment, some cosmetics, and some fish has a negative, cumulative effect on our health.

6. Chronic infections, as opposed to acute infections, that remain undealt with in our bodies, place continuous stress upon our immune system.

7. Lack of exercise across most segments of the population lowers our fitness and ability to fight off attacks on our body. Exercise, or more specifically sweat, is one of the primary means of detoxification.

8. Because of non-sustainable farming practices, even foods that are supposed to be healthy for us (fruits and vegetables etc.) no longer have the level of nutrients in them that used to be there only a few decades ago. Hence, we widely suffer from suboptimal intakes of certain vitamins and minerals causing wide-ranging effects upon our body.

9. The overuse of antibiotics as well as numerous other prescription drugs have MANY unintended and unexpected effects on our bodies. Many of these effects are known, yet ignored by the pharmaceutical companies (and often the FDA) until much damage as been done ala the Vioxx debacle!

You may have noticed that many if not most of the things I mentioned are within our control. This means we CAN and MUST take responsibility for our health. It is clear that Government and the Medical Establishment cannot solve our health problems on their own. Sadly, most people totally rely on these organizations to look after their health. They expect their doctors to "give me something" to make the pain go away without having to put in any effort themselves.

The results are devastating.

Fully two thirds of the $1 trillion we spend on "health care" is devoted to chronic conditions, most of which don't respond to any "quick fixes."

You MUST take responsibility for yourself and your family!!

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