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What is Colon Cleansing

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:14pm

Colon cleansing is one of the many topics that are talked about widely today. Some diets require it, others don’t. Some doctors swear it’s not something to worry about, whereas other doctors’ promise improved health by simply tackling your colon’s need to be cleaned. The facts are simple. As you age, your body develops more and more of a need for colon cleansing of some sort. Understanding what happens to your colon will show you exactly why you need this type of treatment.

What Happens To Your Colon

The colon is a vital organ in your body that helps to pass fecal matter out of your body. But, over time, the fecal matter that passes through the body actually builds up on the walls of the colon. When this happens, the colon becomes encrusted with blockage. Often, the openings in your colon become blocked which leads to the inability to pass stool easily. The colon continues to collect this matter inside of it, causing it to become a deadly, toxic poison that can cause all sorts of problems for not only your colon but for the rest of your body as well.

This type of situation can cause many problems for anyone. Not only is your colon less likely to push stool out of it easier and effectively, but in addition you have increased risks for problems with your cardiovascular system. You are more likely to develop problems like asthma, arthritis, and even will get sick with colds and the flu more often. Researchers have been able to point out exactly what is causing these things and it is clear that the level of toxicity in your colon is one of the most common reasons behind it.

In this regard, colon cleansing will help to move the fecal matter that is compacted into the colon out, allowing you to feel better as well as to improve your physical health. Many people will lose weight when they use colon cleansing which is the weight of the fecal matter that is simply plugging up your colon. Increased health should be your reason for considering colon cleansing, but even when you feel healthy, it can still be important for you to use this method to improve your well being and your body’s function.

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