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What is Archetypal Dreamwork?

Posted Dec 18 2009 10:01pm

Archetypal Dreamwork was founded almost forty years ago by Marc Bregman, in central Vermont. He began by working one-on-one with people and their dreams, listening with great attention to the intention of the dream.

The foundation of this particular way of working with dreams has remained the same over all these years – that each person’s dreams are an individualized and particular map through the landscape of feeling and experience to find the door to the person’s true soul self. On that journey, we can reclaim the passionate parts of what we have lost along the way. The key is that each person is unique, each journey particular to the dreamer, each person’s relationship to their work their own.

On the interview today I had the pleasure to talk to founder Marc Bregman, Christa Lancaster, and Susan Scavo from North of Eden.

Marc Bregman, Christa, Susan

Marc Bregman, Christa Lancaster, and Susan Scavo

During the interview I share a recurring dream that has been “haunting” me for a few months, talking about and exploring dreams is a very personal issue, however Marc, Christa, and Susan were able to give me a few ideas on the meaning of my dream. I have always been interested in learning what dreams mean, they seem to come to me more when things in my life are stressful, or up in the air so to speak and I have always felt that dreams were meant to help us move forward in our lives and to grow.

I learned a lot about Archetypal Dreamwork during our interview but 30 minutes just does not do the topic justice, I found out during the interview that North of Eden is holding FREE seminars to explain in greater details Archetypal Dreamwork as well as offers classes to those who are interested in further exploring their own path into Archetypal Dreamwork. For more information please read below where I have posted the upcoming FREE seminars.

There are also a series of books that you can purchase online that will help you learn more about Archetypal Dreamwork, the first in the series is The Deep Well Tapes:

The Deep Well Tapes Book-First in a Series

The Deep Well Tapes Book-First in a Series

The Deep Well Tapes is the first book in a series of books about Archetypal Dreamwork. Written by founder Marc Bregman with Susan Marie Scavo and Ellen Keene, the book explores the foundations of Archetypal Dreamwork, offering a broad view of this unique way of working wtih dreams.

From the back cover:

“The journey to the Fields of Abraham and the fullest sense of being in the fields require the descent into the deep well. It is there that one finds the true life with the Divine. I know of no spirituality that exists without a direct, personal soul to soul connection with the Divine.

The dreams are like a giant screw turning ever deeper into this deep well. Ultimately, it is where the work will go, passing through the hurts, the loss, the ignorance, the lack of feeling, passing through the history of the past that has long since been forgotten. The screw turning through and in the underbelly of the core fear and pain that all humanity feels, and still turning into the place where He stands resplendent in front of us, driving us yet even deeper into evolution and growth.

The unfoldment within the deep well is the blossoming of our very selves and the experience of our selves that is completely new and unchartered. There is nothing I can say that is not just an implication of that future within each and every person. We are all capable of this, if we are willing.”

FREE Web Seminars to Explore Archetypal Dreamwork:

North of Eden is hosting free web seminars to explore Archetypal Dreamwork. In the seminar, Christa Lancaster, Co-Director of North of Eden and Susan Marie Scavo, Director of North of Eden Press, will have a conversation with participants about the fundamentals of Archetypal Dreamwork. We will explore questions such as What is Archetypal Dreamwork? How is it different from other ways of working with dreams? What is the true intention of our dreams? How does Archetypal Dreamwork work and why would I do it?

Upcoming dates:

September 21, October 19, November 16 or December 14

North of Eden is also offering classes through our Center for Archetypal Dreamwork.

You can also go to the North of Eden website and submit your own dreams. You can find the link on the right side of their site.

All supporters who donate $5.00 will have their website links added to our Recommended Links section on HYTR & HY Magazine plus a special thank you will be sent out to our newsletter as our way of thanking you. Thank you again for all your love and support.

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