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What is a possible diagnosis for my husband? What kind of tests should he have? What kind of specialist should he see?

Posted by OR

My Husband was in severe pain and after a cat scan and an ultra sound they found that his lymph node on his Right underarm was swollen and there was a clot outside the vein, 2 days later I took him to the ER because he was in terrible pain, they took ultra sound on both arms and said that clot is not in the right underam anymore but its on the left arm and it's in the vein.  They gave him Warfarin tablets and anti coagulant injections but nobody has diagnosed him of anything, does anybody have an idea what he could possibly have?  The scary part is the clot is travelling, what if it travels to his heart or brain.  What kind of tests other than blood tests should he have?  What kind of specialist should he see? (we are seeing a general practitioner at the moment, and she's been ordering just blood tests which she says its normal)  She even says that my husband's condition is perplexing, I don't know what this doctor is doing to find out what's wrong with my husband.  Can somebody give me any suggestions, please.

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