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What I do to get and stay well from mold damage.

Posted Jun 17 2011 8:52pm
It has been way too long since I added to my blog here. I am sorry I haven't but my interests are elsewhere AND for the most part I feel great! So I don't research as much. I still get lots of hits on the blog and am glad people find the info useful in their recovery from chronic illness. I recently received an email that asked great questions and my answer to it seemed very blog worthy. The two emails are long so you have to wade through them. I have changed some things in the email to me just to hide the identity. Hope you learn something useful! I am sorry that Typepad for some reason simply will not take my paragraph breaks in my reply. Hi Pat, I was reading your blog last night but couldn't not find any recent entries (past 09'). Are there any? I'm also a patient a Shoemakers (started in ) and have been on the CSM for 2 1/2 weeks. I would totally agree with your remarks on his bedside manner (which doesn't exist). It is most certainly his way or the highway. I have the dreaded genotype 11/3/52B and low msh-6 (I sleep OK, but it's a very non-restorative sleep), low vip-7, and ADH and Osmo are out of sync causing the constant dehydration. My TGF-B1 is slightly elevated @ 3320 but my C4a and C3a are good-as are VEGF and MMP-9. Shoemaker mentioned patients buying MSH and taking it. Are you aware of this or have you had any experience with it? The CSM was starting to work pretty well but then I went back to drinking a couple cups of coffee per day and today feel most of my symptoms back. Of course I will stop the coffee pronto...
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