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what happens to my eye when a particle is stuck at my eyeballs

Posted by bunnyboo18

i was riding a van going to a certain destination. i was looking at the view when suddenly a tiny stone hit my right eye. i immidiately rubbed my right eye hoping the tiny stone would be removed. i was gtting impatient and having a hard time to have that tiny stone removed. until i got to the destination, my right eye still hurts. i cried hoping the tiny stone would go with the flow but it still didn't. i felt the stone was in the corner of my eye balls. half an hour has gone and i decided to go to the wash room and looked in the mirror. i noticed that my right eye is swollen and heavy. it seems that my eyelid is dropping and i can hardly look up since my eyelids are heavy. it seems that the tiny stone has gone at the upper part of my eyeballs. it still hurts until now.

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