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What else causes a swollen lymph gland in the groin?

Posted by Christina

A small lump rose on the top of my right leg, at the groin, about 10 days ago.  A trip to the doctor diagnosed "swollen lymph gland".  Urine tests, CBC and even a test for chlamydia were performed.  All of the test results returned negative for any illness or infection of any sort.  I do not feel sick in any way at all.

The lump has grown to the side of a marble and is painful only to the touch.  I can exercise (kick box and spinning) without any pain, but it seemed to have caused it to swell even more, so I am taking a few days off to see if it improves.

 I read all of the very good posts on the subject, but didn't find any that mentioned what it might be, other than infection. 

Seems that a torn muscle or tendon or ligament would be painful with exercise.  And it's not coming to head or draining like the blocked sweat gland someone experienced.

 Thank you. 




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I am suffering from the same odd symtom, I have just increased my exercise program and doing heavier weights, leg exercises so I think it may be the cause of this heres hopeing.  So If this groin gland swelling does not return to normal in 3 days i will go to the doctors as you did.  It is very anoying to be suffering in pain from a small area because I just want to get fit an healthy and have been exercising for 6 weeks now. Do you know the cause of your Lympth node swelling as yet?
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