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What DR should I see for low DHEA??

Posted by aleigh low dhea

I just found out I have low DHEA, I already have a endo, bc she said I had a thriod prob. They put me on .50mcg of synthriod and the 40 ponds ive put on in 4 months with a low cal intake and i work out 3x a week it just keep going up like a pound or two a week!!! Im 29yrs old and 5 months ago i was 120 and im 5'6. Im sooo depressed right now. I havent taken my syntriod in 6 months without the dr knowing bc she doesnt believe me that i thought it was something else. All my levels are fine without the synthriod. my DHEA is 26.7. I also have infertility probs. Ive been on clomid 2x with the highest prog level at a 9. My obgyn told me not to take the DHEA supp, which I thought was odd. so where do I go from here. Please help, ive never been soo depressed,and confused on my health and what to do. thanks.
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Despite what you may (have) read about DHEA in various websites, from a traditional scientific medical perspective, it doesn't have the dramatic benefits that have been touted.  Granted it's part of the metabolic pathway towards both testosterone & estradiol but no randomized double blind placebo controlled stuides have demonstrated any benefit.

With that in mind, there's not much I (or anyone else) can tell you about your DHEA level without the reference range associated with that value.  It's like saying it's 100 degrees Celsius but that won't mean anything to most people unless they know how to convert it into degrees Farenheit.  

Also, if you think about it, there is no prescription DHEA, just over-the-counter supplements.  If DHEA really made a difference as claimed, the big pharmaceutical companies would have come up with a synthetic version that they could patent and sell.  Also keep in mind that there's no third party oversight keeping an eye on the manufactured quality of dietary supplements, herbals & nutraceuticals.  You're dependent upon the company's interest in maintaining it's reputation.

Next, consider what you've found online re hypothyroidism.  Traditional scientific medicine has demonstrated that an underactive thyroid can lead to weight gain and infertility (low DHEA has not been demonstrated to make a difference with regards to weight gain or fertility).

Finally, if you want help from someone, it's probably never a good idea not to communicate completely.  The fact that you haven't taken your thyroid medication in 6 months could account for your 40 pound weight gain in 4 months but my bigger concern is your lack of trust in your physician and your physician's inability to communicate with you and gain your trust.

That's something I can't fix.  Nor can any specialist.  You need to find someone you can trust and who will work closely with you to gain your trust and help you with your medical issues.

Good luck! 

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