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What does "sweet-smelling breath" in Diabetes 2 suffers smell like?

Posted by miles moss

I have a friend who I have noticed has a rather distinctive odor to their breath.  It is not unpleasant, and to me smells like canned sweet-corn.  I find many mentions of sweet or fruity breath as a symptom of diabetes 2, but I cant find a better description of this.  Can someone tell me if I should be concerned for my friend?  Thanks.
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I havent got a clue either but thats exactly what my daughters breath smells like. She is 2 and I am quite concerned.
My daughter is 2 as well and she has a sweet corn smell to her breath.  Diabetes type 2 is a different fruity smell and they would have other symptoms.  I've asked my dentist and he said that people have different smells to their breath and it can be several things...their gastric juices creating the smell, bacteria on their teeth, or things that they've ate.  I haven't found any evidence that supports the corn breath smell is dangerous. Hope this helps.
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