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what does it mean if it takes 10 minutes to empty my bladder??

Posted by Ella

I'm 32, Female and not really any medical history at all (except disordered eating). This morning I had a VERY full bladder but it would only empty in tiny little dribbles and it took 10 minutes. It's like it came in waves. Small amounts bit by bit. The only other time I've ever felt this is when I have a full tampon in when it must have blocked or put pressure on the urethra...cause when I removed the tampon I then could pee fast and fine! But this morning I had NO tampon and no perioud or anything. Just took so long to pee. For no appraent reason. And it's NOT a UTI - I've had 4 of those in the last year and a half and I know what they feel like. This morning there was no burning or anything. Just maybe an ache? I dunno.

I think I have gyno issues...but have been putting off getting it checked out.

What causes urnination to be like this?


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