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What does a white discharge from the urethra of a female mean?

Posted by your_indoor_voice

Since I was 13 I have experienced a goopy white discharge that smells like coins.  It is in SIGNIFICANT amounts, and a few times daily.

I am now 20. I have gone to 3 docotors, all of whom did pap smears that came up clean.  I have only recently realized the discharge is from my urethra, not vagina.  It is incredibly annoying, because it feels like I am wetting myself.

I am otherwise healthy, I recently had blood tests done to test for hyperthyroidism and my doctor said everything looked fine.  As a child I was anemic for a few years, in the past few years I have had a bit of a rapid heart beat and over this past summer was bed ridden for a few months because of muscle spasms in my legs. (all of which were never found a cause for and randomly dissapeared)

I carry the genes for cystic fibrosis and factor 9 hemophillia. The only medication I am on is birth control, which I have been on since I was 15. I have only had 2 sexul partners and both were in the past 3 years.

I recently started taking iron, folic acid, and B12 because from research I though maybe I was anemic again. ( I have started experienceing numbness in my hands and feet and cravings for pretzels)

That is all the informaiton that I think might be relevant. please ask if you need more.  I am losing hope!

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