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What do you think of this guy? Is he some one you would want your daughter to marry?

Posted Apr 06 2010 12:00am
I received the other day a rather nasty comment on my Domestic Violence video on YouTube. I ambled on over to the offenders site to check out their psychiatric status and was pleasantly surprised to see that my impression of this profoundly ill character was indeed a flaming sicko. I woke this morning to find that Jim had visited my site again.

i think beating up a woman is hip these days. i wont stop anyway thats 4 sure.

On his you tube page he sites himself as a self professed hater...
"Hi My name is Jim and I love to beat up a woman. I also hate niggers, spicks, arabs, and any other inferior ethnicity. The more responses I get from you people the more I laugh, thanks."
Knowing this guy just wants some attention, as he pirouettes around other you tube sites and spewing forth hate. I replied to him in a non vitriol spewing fashion...

He removed my reply (it must have hit home) so I cant copy and paste but I will outline it, basically I said it was a bad pick up line (above) I'm not interested as he is an attention seeker who is needy, weak and not a real man and a mentioning of rulers/measurements and no man hood I didn't swear, I was polite in my assessment of him.

I thought about blocking him and well should have, as he really is quite needy, he replied to my reply in a rage and torrent proclaiming he knows how my private parts smell etc. If you don't want to be offended then avert your eyes from the directly quoted text of this thang...

jimthewifebeater  (Pending approval)
He must have been angry because I have to approve comments and his didn't show up on my main page, so he spewed forth even more hatred towards my vagina and face.

jimthewifebeater  (Pending approval)

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