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What could cause swelling of the lower legs ankles and feet there is also a bumpy itchy rash?

Posted by krazeyk

on & off for years my ankles. feet & lower legs swell and i get a bright red rash thats bumpy and occasionally filled with a clear fluid the rash is only between the ankle and the calf never anywhere else. It also makes foot movement painful such as when i try to point my toes. there is also pain when i touch the calf area. This happens 3-5 times a year and the only thing that seems to stop or control it is rubbing alcohol and oatmeal lotion. Any thoughts?
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Oh you really have my sympathy as I have had this for years.  When the swelling is truly bad, then clear fluid oozes from my ankles.  Just recently this area has been attacked by a fungal infection causing intense prickly itching.

I have been told that I suffer from Oedema.  I have taken to consuming Dandelion Root capsules from the health store.  I take two each morning and it took a long time to help but it has recently helped if not cured.

I also take medication from my doctor but, to be quite honest, it is useless and the doctor agreed.  He did prescribe strong pills for this fluid retention which sinks to my feet and ankles but, unfortunately, it contained lactose and I am lactose intolerant.  If you are not intolerant, then I suggest you seek advice for pills to flush out the fluids and drink plenty of WATER too.

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