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what could cause swelling of feet and hands with red bumps?

Posted by jasmine5432

These symptoms all occurred together. It was early winter. My feet were so swollen that I could not put my shoes on, even though they normally had more than enough room and were comfortable under usual conditions. It was incredibly painful to walk because the bottoms of my feet felt like I was walking on rocks or golf balls. I had to wear slippers. My feet would fall asleep not long after getting into a car and driving. I cold not bend my toes or fingers. I could not wear my wedding ring that fit perfectly many years previous and fits again currently. The bumps were more painful than itchy. They looked redand were on both my toes and fingers (where they bend). When they healed, purple scarring has remained on my toes. I am worried this may reoccur.

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I have the same problem with my hands.  I have read some about vasculitis possibly being the cause.  Have you found out anything more yourself?  I was considering going to a dermatologist because I thought it was some sort of rash on my hands, but now I'm wondering if I need to find a rheumatologist....
Hi! The doctors are not sure whats wrong with me. I've seen a dermatologist, a rheumatologist, and a general physician. I do not have rhumatoid arthritis, but the dr. said that I had a "temporary attack of antibodies" which mimicked rhumatoid arthritis.
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