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What could cause my CBC (RBCs, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelet counts) to fluctuate from normal to profoundly low to normal

Posted by CarlaT0211

About a year ago, I had lab work done (routine checkup) and all of my bloodwork came back within normal range. Last month, I had more lab work done (this time I was feeling horrible..weak, severe edema, difficulty breathing, short of breath...and more). When those results came back, I was diagnosed as being profoundly anemic. My red blood count, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelet levels were all very low. My PRM immediately sent me to a gastroenterologist because he suspected a bleeding ulcer.  I had upper and lower GI series well as CT scan of my abdomen. All of those results were normal and the Gastro diagnosed me with NC/NC anemia and set me up with a Hematologist. I have not seen him yet.  My PCM had me come in for more lab work and to refer me to a Internalist because the edema was getting worse and my gums had started to bleed a lot.  This new lab work shows me with normal blood counts again.  What can be causing this??  My dr said he was suspecting something may be wrong with my Adrenal Gland.

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